Why should you contact us?

We signed a contract with the best analysts of leading services to provide high-quality predictions for sports. The probability of winning is more than 30-80%. At the distance we guarantee a profit!



Our specialists professionally assess the chances of success, considering many factors, such as motivation, team form, psychology, the list of injured sportsmen, insider information and other components of a reliable prediction.


An important factor is the ability to bypass, so-called, “traps” bookmakers, which bites most novice players. The huge experience of our team allows you to avoid losing money at these picks.


Sometimes it happens that we are wrong, not without it. In this case, we fully refund your money, which you paid for the prediction. Each work must be paid for. If there is no result, then we do not have to pay!


We offer you 4-5 high-quality predictions per day. There are differ in reliability, as well as the terms of the refund.


First category “Professional” – probability of winning 50-80%. We are so confident in this prediction that in case of a loss we not only return 100% your money, but we also add +10 euros to this amount! You will not find such conditions anywhere else.


Second category “Standard” – the probability of success is 30-60%. This is also a reliable prediction, with an odds of at least 1.8. If he doesn’t win we will refund you 50% of the cost of the prediction.


As you can see, the conditions are absolutely simole. You pay the prediction and we immediately send you a bet. Information about the sending time is updated daily, until 12-00 CET. To purchase the prediction, please make an e-mail request and our specialists will contact you within 10-15 minutes.


In our predictions we use the most popular bookmakers – Pinnacle, William Hill, Sbobet, Marathonbet. You can always find a bet from your bookmaker with the highest odds.


The best experts on the Internet who have a lot of experience, guarantee high-quality predictions, the highest odds, money back – all these factors speak in favor of our company’s choice.


If you want to really make money, and not always give them to bookmakers, then contacting us is a good solution! 

We’re sure you’ll do the right thing!